Philipp Reiner

Philipp Reiner 

empowers software teams, researches digital business models and always thinks about tomorrow.
Hey I'm Philipp, a software developer turned entrepreneur. My biggest strength is to understand complex challenges superfast, break them down and find simple solutions.
I believe Software should make our life easier, not more complicated.


Engineering Manager at PlanB.Leading developers, manage customer expectations and establish an agile mindset
Productmode  How can non-tech companies build great software on the first try?
Maxe Smart Service  Exploring new business models with collaborative service software
Equipment-as-a-Service  Researched 140 companies in my widely shared landscape

Past Experience

Founded Conclurer  Build and sold a low-code industry 4.0 software to 40 customers
Metrology  Combined 5 teams and solutions into one innovative platform
HDH Erleben  Quickly launched a local livestream shop for 100k visitors
Future of Manufacturing  Shared my knowledge as one of the first members
Aveo  Created Digital Manufacturing workshops for Aveo
Predictive Service  Developed a predictive maintenance prototype
Nearstage  Founded an up-selling ticketing solution for festivals, sold 60k tickets
Lecture Students  Teached about Supply Chain Management and Web-Programming
Bachelor Thesis  Researched Analytics dashboards for purchasing departments

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