Philipp Reiner

Philipp Reiner 

empowers software teams, researches digital business models and always thinks about tomorrow.
Hey I'm Philipp, a software developer turned entrepreneur. My biggest strength is to understand complex challenges superfast, break them down and find simple solutions.
I believe Software should make our life easier, not more complicated.


Engineering Manager at PlanB.Leading developers, manage customer expectations and establish an agile mindset
Maxe Smart ServiceExploring new business models with collaborative service software
Productmode  How can non-tech companies build great software on the first try?
Equipment-as-a-Service  Researched 140 companies in my widely shared landscape

Past Experience

Founded Conclurer  Build and sold a low-code industry 4.0 software to 40 customers
Metrology  Combined 5 teams and solutions into one innovative platform
HDH Erleben  Quickly launched a local livestream shop for 100k visitors
Future of Manufacturing  Shared my knowledge as one of the first members
Aveo  Created Digital Manufacturing workshops for Aveo
Predictive Service  Developed a predictive maintenance prototype
Nearstage  Founded an up-selling ticketing solution for festivals, sold 60k tickets
Lecture Students  Teached about Supply Chain Management and Web-Programming
Bachelor Thesis  Researched Analytics dashboards for purchasing departments

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