Conversation Starter

While you can learn about my work on LinkedIn here are some conversation starters.

Working Life

  • Startups and Entrepreneurship I believe that innovation and therefore progress is a result of taking the risk to build something from the ground up.
  • Agile and Collaboration Leading people to build something complex and huge in small iterations by using agile methods such as Scrum.
  • Future Business Models The world is changing and so are companies. How businesses work and make money fascinate me - from a local restaurant to global supply chains.
  • Teaching others I'm doing lectures at my local university (DHBW Heidenheim) about Stratic Supply Chain Management and Web Programming.

old cameras of mine

On the Weekends

  • Photography I enjoy taking picture with my Fuji cameras - mostly portraits in a calm setting so that I can get to know other persons well. Editing like a professional included.
  • Gaming Back when graphic card prices were more down to earth, I enjoyed building my gaming rig and playing mostly creative and building-based games.
  • Organising Events I've organised a 5000 people graduation festival back in school and still like to look behind the scenes at large festival and events. I was also involved in the Open Beatz Festival with 15.000 visitors.

Tesla Model 3


  • Electric Cars While electric cars do not full solve climate and personal transportation issues, driving my Tesla Model 3 is a joy and I truly believe in an electric future for personal cars.
  • Architecture As a kid, I always wanted to become an architect. Today I read about and enjoy modern architecture and how we use space. I also enjoy playing The Sims 4 .
  • Flying and Spacecrafts Complexe machinery fascinates me. Flying realistic Airbus aircrafts in a Flight sim and understanding how we travel into space is my hobby.
  • Self-Improvement Setting personal goals, keep my body in shape and thinking how I can improve myself and support others is a live-long task of mine.

Beside I can enjoy a good show on Netflix, go to the cinema or just drink a beer out in the sun with friends. Want to join? Drop me a message.


Philipp ReinerĀ 

is an expert for digital business models. I combine strategy, user experience and software to create a sustainable future today.