Conversation Starter

While you can learn about my work on LinkedIn here are some conversation starters and points of interest.

Working Life

  • Startups and Entrepreneurship I believe that innovation and therefore progress is a result of taking the risk to build something from the ground up.
  • Agile and Collaboration Leading people to build something complex and huge in small iterations by using agile methods such as Scrum.
  • Future Business Models The world is changing and so are companies. How businesses work and make money fascinate me - from a local restaurant to global supply chains.
  • Teaching others I'm doing lectures at my local university (DHBW Heidenheim) about Stratic Supply Chain Management and Web Programming.
  • Industry and Manufacturing Over the years I've seen many factories from the inside and I (try to) understand how this will look like in the future.

About the world

  • Climate Crisis Our (western) wealth and lifestyle isn't build sustainable and destroys the planet. This has to stop. I try to lower my carbon footprint but also think that we need to move the needle together (e.g. from politics). I'm positive that humankind will figure this out.
  • Equality I would like to give people from diverse backgrounds equal opportunities. This is sometimes harder than expected, needs constant attention and we can still improve, especially in the tech sector.

old cameras of mine

On the Weekends

  • Photography I enjoy taking picture with my Fuji cameras - mostly portraits in a calm setting so that I can get to know other persons well. Editing like a professional included.
  • Gaming Back when graphic card prices were more down to earth, I enjoyed building my gaming rig and playing mostly creative and building-based games.
  • Organising Events I've organised a 5000 people graduation festival back in school and still like to look behind the scenes at large festival and events. I was also involved in the Open Beatz Festival with 15.000 visitors.

Tesla Model 3


  • Electric Cars While electric cars do not full solve climate and personal transportation issues, driving my Tesla Model 3 is a joy and I truly believe in an electric future for personal cars.
  • Architecture As a kid, I always wanted to become an architect. Today I read about and enjoy modern architecture and how we use space. I also enjoy playing The Sims 4 .
  • Flying and Spacecrafts Complexe machinery fascinates me. Flying realistic Airbus aircrafts in a Flight sim and understanding how we travel into space is my hobby.
  • Self-Improvement Setting personal goals, keep my body in shape and thinking how I can improve myself and support others is a live-long task of mine.

Beside I can enjoy a good show on Netflix, go to the cinema or just drink a beer out in the sun with friends. Want to join? Drop me a message.


Philipp ReinerĀ 

empowers software teams, researches digital business models and always thinks about tomorrow.