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The “Equipment-as-a-Service” Landscape

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Overview of 200+ manufacturing OEMs that lead Software and Service based business models e.g. Equipment-as-a-Service at Siemens

The EaaS landscape collects more than 220 industrial manufacturing OEMs that use software and service-based business models to grew their revenue. Software (and the required data) is more important than ever and companies should adapt their strategies accordingly.

It's not complete yet but gives a good starting point for your research. I'll update the landscape here from time to time.

How it works.

There are 3 big clusters how manufacturing OEMs can generate revenue beside just selling machines:

  • Offering Usage-based pricing (EaaS) instead of selling the hardware once
  • Selling software solutions that improve the process but are not required for the machine. Some more examples
  • Having a pro-active, paid service offering that uses data

The landscape also list companies - startups preferred - that provide software in order to implement such new revenue stream below.

It doesn't include any consulting companies or general purpose software.

I've clustered the landscape based on my experience, own research and public available information.

You can find the detailed cluster explanation here.

Background & History

There was a big spreadshirt from my research of service software that I made for a startup idea. I turned this into a visual landscape inspired by Robin Dechants Factory 4.0 Landscape and published the post into my LinkedIn account in August 2021.

This post exploded in popularity and I still get weekly messages with detailed questions around the landscape. It's used in internal presentations, conferences and for research. As a result, I could grow my network, get insights into the companies shown in the landscape and discover more case studies from real world experience. Thanks for all your input, I've learned alot!

What started with 102 companies is now a list of more than 220 new business model examples. I still add more companies and publish an update every few months on this page here.

Sharing and Usage

You're free to share the landscape image - even for commercial purpose as long as you don't modify the image and include my name. Drop me a message for a white-labeled PNG if you like.


Contact me

You can write me an email or on LinkedIn if you would like to add your company to the landscape. I'm always happy to talk details if you like.